Bugsy Pageau

Machine Age Tattoo is home to Bugsy Pageau. With over a decade of custom tattooing in Tucson, Arizona. His work is bold and dramatic, paying special attention to flow and placement. He draws inspiration from traditional Japanese and American tattooing. Bugsy uses only plant based inks and ointments providing solid cruelty free tattoos.

christine-1 (2).jpg

Christine Riebock

Christine's always striving to create a memorable experience for each client. Her work is rooted in traditional Americana. She also enjoys tattooing in a variety of other styles including custom designs. Her tattoos are colorful and dramatic with bold, dark colors for stunning tattoos that look deeply saturated.

shannon-2 (2).jpg

Shannon Garvey

Shannon's work is bright bold and full of magic just like she is. She draws inspiration from western traditional style with bold colors, stunning lines, and smooth fades. She also enjoys working in other styles while creating her custom designs.